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Hog Nursery Barn Package

From floor to feeding systems, we have efficient and reliable products to build your nursery around.

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Polygrate Flooring

Polygrate Gro-More™ Flooring System

Plastic flooring ideal for nurseries and more. An industry favorite since its beginnings in the 1980s. 

nipple bar background web.jpg

Nipple Drinker Bar

Foster hydration for piglets with our original nipple bar water source. Easy access for pigs, and easy install/removal for you.

Nursery Square Double Cup.jpg

Nursery Square Double Water Cup

Reduce waste and encourage hydration for newly weaned piglets with our square water cup design.

Blue hose plumbing email.jpg

Blue PVC Hose & Plumbing Products

Blue reinforced PVC hose and nylon fittings at competitive prices. FDA grade hose. 

DTN Background.jpg

Dry Tray Nursery Feeder

Feeder design simplifies operation and maximizes efficiency. Feed agitated by pigs.

Feeder Options:

  • Solid weld construction or bolt together style

  • Tray or paddle feed activation

  • Water pipe optional for wet/dry feeder or dry feeder​


Snow Door™

Stainless Steel Soffit Covers

Seasonally adjusted soffit covers that help prevent snow infiltration into barn's attic. 

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