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Snow Door™:
Stainless Steel Soffit Covers (Pat. No. D954,249 )

Help keep snow out of your hog confinement’s attic with sliding, stainless steel soffit covers. 

  • Seasonally adjustable. Open or close the soffit covers when seasons change, or for inclement weather. When closed, the covers hinder snow infiltration into attic.

  • Invest in durability. The stainless steel covers are resistant to corrosion and wind damage. 

  • Details. 4-foot door length, comprised of three 1-foot window panels that collapse to 1 foot overall length when open. 

  • Quick installation and operation. Designed in collaboration with builders who know confinements best.

  • Hand winch operated (available for additional purchase).

Pat. No. D954,249 


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