Our Products

Increase your pork production with our line of hog feeders and products, made with pride in Mid-America and proven in the field since 1982. Our products are efficient, built to last and easy to manage. We'll work with you on in-barn adaptations so our feeders fit your needs, and provide you with ongoing support to make sure it stays that way.

Stainless Hog Feeder


Our wet/dry hog feeders are cost effective over the long term — reliable, durable, sanitary and feed-efficient.

Pit Fan Housing


Invest in flooring options that are durable, efficient and easy to clean. Slat Saver and Polygrate available.

Curtain Hardware

Order our stainless or galvanized cable, rope clips. Winch and pulley systems also available. 

Improve ventilation in your hog confinement with our innovative stainless steel products. 

Square Hog Water Cup

Watering Equipment

Combining WATER EASE products with FEED EASE feeders can save you time and money.

Hardware & Plumbing

Hardware & Plumbing

Order nipple waterers, FDA Grade PVC hose, nylon fittings and plumbing components.

Misc. Parts

Browse our specialty items, from feed lever conversion kits to replacement paddles and water pipes.

Replacement Feeder Paddle

Carcass Cart


Try our easy to maneuver and multi-functional cart.

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Let us know if you'd like to discuss your plans for improved pork production. You can reach us at (605) 242-4742 or submit the following form anytime:

Product Catalog


Browse through all the various products we offer in this printer friendly catalog. We can also customize each product to fit your needs.

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