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Hog Feeder and Water Equipment Repair Parts

Replacement Water Pipe.png

Water Pipe

Replacement water pipes are available in any feeder size. FEW56 water pipe is shown. 

Anchor Strap.jpg

Feeder Anchor Strap

Used for anchoring feeders to flooring.

WECH1 Clip.png

WECH1 Water Cup Clip

WECH1 clip is used to secure water cups. 


Current Wet Feeder Paddles

Replacement paddles for existing wet feeder are 1/4" thick forked paddles.

Feed Adjustment Handle

Feed Lever Conversion Kit

Add a Feed Flow Lever to your feeders for simple and precise control. The lever locks into a notch when any adjustment is made.

Drain Hole Cover and Bolt.png

Drain Hole Cover and Bolt

Previous feeder designs had a drain hole for cleaning. This is a replacement cover.

Feed Tube Holder.png

Feed Tube Holder and Clip

Arched Feed Tube Holder directs feed into either our tray or paddle feeder.

P1000 and P1000rp 5x7.png

Original Wet Feeder Paddles

Need replacement paddles for your old wet feeder? We can make paddles to fit your feeder even if it's not our brand.

WP-CP Cover Plate.png

Water Pipe Cover Plate

WP-CP is an access plate. Remove plate to access water pipe or remove water pipe from feeder. 

Quick Latch Clip.png

Quick Latch Clip

Quick latch clips easily secure Water Ease nipple bars to your gating. 


T Handle Adjustment and Spring

Adjustment repair for older model hog feeders. 

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