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Wet/Dry Hog Feeders

Need Wean-to-Finish, Grow-to-Finish, Nursery, or Sow feeders? 

All of our stainless steel hog feeders can be customized to fit your barn's need.

Paddle Hog Feeder Stainless Steel.png

Paddle Hog Feeder

Our most popular product. 

Gain optimum feed use and prevent feed waste with our uniquely designed, wet/dry, pig-activated paddles.

Dry Hog Feeder

Dry Hog Feeder

Reliable wean-finish dry feeder made with 16 / 18 gauge, 304 grade stainless steel. 

Wet Dry Tray / Shelf Hog Feeder

Tray / Shelf Hog Feeder

Custom made, wet/dry feeder with moveable tray is built to last and easy to manage. Maximize feed efficiency.

Dry Tray / Shelf Nursery.png

Dry Tray / Shelf Nursery Pig Feeder

Nursery tray feeder simplifies operation while maximizing efficiency. 

Both tray nursery and "V" drop feeders available.

Tube Feeder.jpg

Tube Hog Feeder

A classic but dependable take on feeding. Reduce feed dust and water waste. Available in wet/dry models, with options for 120 # hopper capcity. 

Sow Paddle Hog Feeder

Sow Feeder

Available in paddle or tray feeders. Enhance feed intake during lactation, better litter weight at weaning and reduced feed waste. 

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