POLYGRATE Plastic Flooring

Polygrate plastic flooring is ideal for farrowing, nursery and grower barns. Industry favorite since its development!


Options available. 

Polygrate Gro-More™: Weaning and nursery pigs up to 100 lbs

Polygrate-Grower™: Grower pigs to 280 lbs

Polygrate 40x40™: Farrowing pigs


Efficient design. An ideal combo of void and wear surface allows for thorough cleaning and maximum life span. Modular grates are designed to interlock together, allowing you to build a floor of any size.


Healthier animals. The beveled edges provide smoother surface and promote pig comfort and safety. The traction leads to less stress and injury to pigs.


No special maintenance. The V- shaped underside is designed for easy and maximum cleaning. Once installed, a pressure washer is all you’ll need.



Box-I Beams are the main support frame for farrowing and nursery floors. They are fiberglass-reinforced beams that are configured to provide design flexibility in your barn.

Maximum 9' span with pigs up to 100 lbs

Maximum 7' span for farrowing


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Product Catalog


Browse through all the various products we offer in this printer friendly catalog. We can also customize each product to fit your needs.

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