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Frequently Asked Questions

Why FEED EASE Feeders?

FEED EASE feeders have been recognized as the “best” by successful producers. FEED EASE is feed-efficient, built to last, and easy to manage. We stand behind our feeders. Use FEED EASE — wet or dry — from wean to finish.

  • The design and quality of the feeder maximizes the efficient use of feed and keeps stress low for hogs, and producers.

  • Self-feeding. Fresh feed drops into the trough when the pig nudges the paddle.

  • The amount of feed the pig can drop is controlled by the manager with a simple adjustment lever.

  • No shelf to plug. Our unique design keeps feed moving when the hogs are at the trough and keeps the feed safe in the hopper when the paddles are inactive.

  • Better gains. A wet feeder means an increase in average daily feed intake.

  • You save money. The savings at the bottom line is the reason our customers are long-term, repeat customers.

  • Optimum feed use not only makes the FEED EASE very cost effective, it also saves manager time, making your work easier, cleaner and more profitable.

Where are your prices?

Prices for our products vary, because every hog operation is different. We will be able to give a more accurate quote once we know more about your needs. Contact us to find prices for feeders and other hog equipment, custom made for you.

How many pigs?

Generally, we refer to the number of pigs “per space”, usually 10 pigs for each feeder space. In Wean-to-Finish barns, baby pigs can be double loaded.

Wet or Dry?

You decide. FEED EASE lets you choose when or if the water should be turned on. The feeder works very well either way, which makes it the best choice for wean to finish operations.

What about wet feed for baby pigs?

We recommend that you start the weaners with dry feed and a water cup separate from the feeder. The FEED EASE used dry in combination with WATER EASE water cups work well for little ones. Later, the piglets adjust quickly when the water is turned on at the feeder.

  • In some instances the issue here is that with some feeders the feed will get old when young pigs don’t clean up that wet feed readily. That is a real concern. Even though our FEED EASE is a paddle drop feeder with a measured amount of feed, we do recommend that you use the feeder dry until you change from the start up ration to wet feed.

  •  Double loading in the pen decreases the risk of the feed not being licked up.

  • Another option is to use the feeder dry most of the time and just turn the water on for a short time in the morning.

  • Water itself is an important part of good nutrition. For baby pigs, we always recommend an extra water source.

What kind of savings can I expect with the wet/dry FEED EASE?

There are many variables that affect your feed cost. Generally we expect, with good management, a 5-to-7 percent improvement over dry feeding.

What about customer satisfaction with A.J. O'Mara hog equipment?

Feedback from our customers indicates that successful producers prefer our feeders, water cups, and pit fan housing, based on their own, long-term experience. A.J. O’Mara’s feeder is the result of 35 years experience in the hog confinement and equipment business. You can count on us to stand behind our products.

More questions?

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