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Winter's coming to your hog barn.

Updated: Jun 22, 2022

It may be September, but winter will be here soon. You'll need to be prepped and sealed to maintain a productive, cost-effective site.

One prep that we can help you with is replacing torn or falling down outside ventilation inlets with our Snow Door™: Stainless Steel Soffit Covers (Pat. No. D954,249).

Snow Door™: Stainless Steel Soffit Covers (Pat. No. D954,249)

  • Seasonally adjustable. Open or close the soffit covers when seasons change, or for inclement weather. When closed, the covers help prevent snow infiltration into attic.​

  • Invest in durability. The stainless steel covers are resistant to corrosion and wind damage.

  • Details. 4-foot door length, comprised of three 1-foot window panels that collapse to 1 foot overall length when open for optimal air intake. A stainless steel trim part (1"x1.5"x4') is pop riveted to each door to easily attach to building.

  • Quick installation and operation. Hand winch operated (available for purchase -- a total hardware package is available with order).

Now, before the snow starts flying, is the time to start repairs or updates to your hog barn. Contact us for pricing.

Pat. No. D954,249

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