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O'Mara Nipple Bars Hydrate Piglets

Our Water Ease Nipple Bars are a popular way to enhance your production. Our nipple bars are used as an easy water source for newly weaned pigs. Hydration plays such a crucial role in early pork production. Our nipple bars help promote healthy growth by offering another water source and lowering the stress that comes from competing for water.

Our bars are manufactured with all 304 stainless steel. They are quick and easy to install because of our Quick Latch Clip. This clip enables the bar to hang on the gate and easily be adjusted as the pigs grow. Since it hangs on the gate, it provides water to both sides. The bar can be as long as 82” with 16 total nipples or as short as 22” with four total nipples. We include and recommend Edstrom’s nipple valve with our nipple bars.

Once production is rolling, you can easily remove the nipple bars from the pens. Many producers hang the bars from the ceiling until the next turn.

Contact us at (605) 242-4742 or for pricing and more information.

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