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Save Feed & Time? We've got a handle on it.

But also keep it SIMPLE.

Our adjustment is easy and clear. Producers can adjust from pen to pen quickly, while keeping feed flow consistent based on the numbered arch.

Each notch is a micro adjustment. Feeders can be opened as much or as little as needed. From complete closer to leaving the gate open.

Our simple design keeps the handle moving smoothly from notch to notch, but it firmly locks in place. Producers won't experience wasted time or feed.

There's also no slop in the adjustment's linkage. If you move the handle up or down a notch, the gate will open or close 1/30th of an inch per notch (tray or paddle feeders).

Let us know if you have any questions or if you're interested in updating your existing adjustment handles. We do have conversion kits for older feeders.

Feed Flow Adjustment Lever

*Tray feeder adjustment handle shown in photo.

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