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What The Best Hog Farmers Know About Stainless Steel

Creating a reliable feeder for customers for years to come has been and will remain a top priority for us at AJ O'Mara Group. We know you've invested a lot as a producer, and you need your feeder to function well.

Why Stainless Steel Grade Matters

One of the main ways we provide a dependable and durable product is by using specific stainless steel grades and gauges. Our feeders are built using all 304 grade stainless steel, or a combination of 430 / 304 grade for our VALUE FEEDER (Follow the link to learn more about our value option).

The different grades of stainless are determined by the elements they are made of and their percentage. 304 is used predominately for its excellent resistance to corrosion and weldability. Another benefit to 304 stainless steel is that it's easily sanitized. *But be aware that chloride solutions can cause corrosion when sanitizing.

430 grade is used for its lower cost. Its price value comes with reduced corrosion resistance but still with adequate fabrication standards. Because of these traits, 430 grade is only used on top portions of our feeder. (Source:

Why Stainless Steel Gauge Matters

Another factor when considering what feeder to use for years to come is the gauge/thickness of the steel. Our feeders are 14 (5/64") gauge on the ends for added strength, 16 (1/16") gauge in the base, and 18 (1/20") gauge is used for our hopper extensions. The higher the gauge the thinner the steel.

It's important to take into consideration stainless steel composition and thickness when determining investing your production future.

Want to Learn More About Stainless Steel Grade & Gauge?

We're here to help. Contact us today, and learn how we can help make sure your feeders last for years to come.

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