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Farrowing Crate Cups: A water source for sows and piglets

We cannot stress enough the importance of quality water for pigs at all levels of production. Water availability is vital from farrow to finish. Sometimes if availability is taken for granted, it can cause a chain reaction of issues for growth. Ensuring you have multiple sources available to your pigs can dramatically affect performance and health in a positive way.

Allowing pigs to drink water easily and frequently is a simple way to encourage growth. Having multiple water points, in the feeder and an outside source, is one solution. Our Farrowing Crate Cups (WEC-2FC) are an excellent option for an outside water source in the early stages of growth. These cups are a sturdy source for sows while being shallow enough for piglets to access. This encourages early piglet hydration which too often negatively influences performance at weaning.

Keep sows and piglets hydrated for an easier road to hearty performance and health.

Farrowing cups can be purchased with or without water nipples. Hardware for mounting is not included.

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