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Feed Saving Wet/Dry Sow Feeder

Our stainless steel sow feeder is made of durable 16 gauge, all 304 steel. This feeder is paddle activated, so a sow uses a back-and-forth motion to drop feed into the trough. A paddle enables easy access to feed while helping to limit feed waste. Our sow feeder is also wet/dry with a water source nipple at the bottom of the trough. Wet feed is more enticing to the sow and encourages improved nutrition. Feed stays fresher because wet feed can be quickly cleaned up from the trough.

Better sow nutrition and condition can mean improved litter weight at weaning. Details:

Hopper can hold approximately 30 lbs. of feed.

Trough is 16" wide (can be customized to fit your need).

Edstrom Wet Feeder Nipple is included.

Wet/Dry Sow Feeder
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