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FEED EASE feeders plus WATER EASE cups: A winning combination

By John O'Mara

Did you know that combining A.J. O'Mara's FEED EASE feeders and WATER EASE water cups can maximize efficiency, reduce waste and save money?

Here's how:

At a 9,000 head wean-to-finish site, water usage averaged 1.51 gallons per day. To improve water consumption and reduce manure pumping costs, the farmers replaced bowl-style water cups with WATER EASE cups.

After one turn through the barns, water use at the site improved to 1.01 gallons — a savings of a half-gallon per day! Not only that, studies show that when WATER EASE cups are combined with FEED EASE feeders, only 5-6 inches of effluent is added to the pit monthly.

For this particular farm, these results amounted to approximately $23,000 per year in manure pumping cost saving for dragline application, and $47,000 per year in tank application. The cost savings is a direct result of reducing the volume of water wasted into the deep pit.

The cost to complete the project was $25,000. The savings listed do not include any operations and maintenance, utilities and chemical treatment associated with the reduction in wasted water.

For similar results, we recommend using one WATER EASE Water cup for every 25 head with a dry feeder; or 50 pigs per cup with a wet feeder.

A.J. O'Mara Group has answers. Please contact us anytime, we'd love to discuss your plans for improved hog production.
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