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Wet/Dry Paddle Hog Feeder

  • Wet or dry? You decide. Our paddle hog feeder is efficient either wet or dry, which makes the FEED EASE hog feeder the best choice for wean-to-finish operations. 


  • Maximize feed efficiency. Gain optimum feed use and prevent feed waste with our uniquely designed, pig-activated paddles. 


  • Save hours on maintenance. It's not necessary to tip the paddle feeder for cleaning. Plugging is eliminated, and more efficient feeding means less water waste and less manure to manage.


  • Invest in durability. The feeder is hand-crafted with high quality, 304-grade stainless steel, and produced by our world-class manufacturers.


  • Adjust feed control. Use the calibrated feed control lever for precise feed-flow management.


  • Customize your size. From 28" long with four spaces to 96" long with 12 spaces, we'll customize to fit your order. (View specs ...)


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