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O'Mara Feeders: Standing The Test of Time -- And Swine.

Our president, John O'Mara, started working with pigs when he was just shy of 6 years old. He grew up tending to his family's hogs and has been working in the business in some way ever since. He's seen a lot of changes in procedure and philosophy in the pork industry. These changes have influenced a lot of growth, and our products at AJ O'Mara reflect that experience.

It's why we've always emphasized the importance of well-built, dependable, and durable hog feeders or equipment. John designed and sold his first all 304 stainless steel hog feeder in 1982 while selling AquaFeeders for Swine Service. Some of these feeders John sold have been in production for up to 34 years with small repair parts ordered here and there over time.

While the industry has seen many changes, there are a few things producers can depend on, a hog has got to eat. Invest in all 304 stainless steel O'Mara feeders, and you can also depend on how they're going to eat.


We also have a VALUE hog feeder option that has been on the market for a little over 10 years. Click here to see the changes in stainless steel for our VALUE feeder option.

John O'Mara, President - AJ O'Mara Group

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